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Birthdate:Apr 18
Location:Illinois, United States of America
Now 46 years old, wannabe writer, former comic book fan. Mostly gave up on comics after one too many "Crisis Crossover" events. Still read Ultimate Spider-man from Marvel and JSA from DC comics, past those, I don't bother at all.

Hate fandoms more and more, as more and more move from "fandom" to "fan dumb." Hate the very existence of slash fiction that violates the canon sexuality of characters. (Write Willow/Tara or Andrew/Some-Guy slash to your heart's content. But Angel/Xander? Go fuck yourself!)

I oppose the very existence of the Organization for Transformative Works. Those shit-sucking weasels are nothing but fan entitlement taken to its inevitable conclusion. FUCK! THEM! When an author or creator says "No fanfiction," well, that's the end of it. They gave us their universes to look into-- that's the end. If they say we can't actually go in there and play, then we can't-- END OF ARGUMENT!

I am an atheist, only I'm worse than that. I feel that, if I thought god existed, I'd have to hunt him down and kill him for being a despicably evil creature. (To have the power to prevent evil and fail to use it is to be evil. And don't feed me that free will bullshit, because we're supposedly made in his image, so he has free will, too. By choosing to ignore evil, he proves he is evil. Terminus discussionus!)

I'm a very opinionated, cantankerous bastard-- and I don't care who knows it.
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